Scalloped Potato Casserole


Made a thing, friends tried the thing, friends like the thing, here is how to make that thing:


  • 4 potatoes (of good size) (sliced as thinly as possible)

Sauce ingredients:

  • 3 table spoons of buttah (BAM)
  • a couple of tablespoons of flowers (for your counter)
  • a couple of tablespoons of flour (for the recipe)
  • lots of friggin garlic
  • 1 cup of chicken broth (or vegetable broth or pork whatever you fancy)
  • i think…that it was about a cup of milk
  • hellamounts of cheese (like gobs)



meltin the butter *snap snap* addin the flour *clap clap* mix in the garlic *stomp stomp* dance that stuff around make it swirl till it turns a little brown. *jazz flute interlude* Time to add the liquid goods and let it get it to a boil. It should be pretty thick but if you want it thinner add some more of our friend MILK and that stuff should get nice and perfect!


layer the bottom with potato slices like your life depended on it. Don’t stack anything though because you want that stuff to touch cheese. NEXT you gotta spread that cheese song over the top. Make it generous but not all of it because you gotta do this a couple of times. I used a rubber spatula to make sure it’s nice and even. Then put another layer of tatoes and repeat the process. You should get 3 layers. Try to save a little for the next part.


350° for 30 hot minutes

While that puppy is baking it’s time to prep the toppings for the next round. I used chicken (chopped it up into little pieces and seasoned it to my liking because when it’s your kitchen you rule) broccoli (I steamed some ahead of time), and onion. You might be able to finish this all in 30 minutes but I did quite a bit ahead of time (like the broccoli thing). Mix up all these ingredients with the leftover cheeze sauce and some water from the broccoli boil (to help spread out more of the cheese sauce) and put it on top.


for 15 more minutes

Now you can either be done with your casserole after that 15 or you can do what I did and add biscuits on top. I just grabbed a biscuit recipe and added some Italian seasoning to it for a nice herby effect, rolled the dough into balls, flattened them, and then placed them on top of the casserole after the 15 minutes were up and threw that beast back in for another 15 minutes. This was perfect amount of time and after all that we had ourselves a perfect casserole *jazz hands*!

That’s pretty much it! I had no photographic evidence of my adventures but it’s a fairly simple process. The scalloped potato recipe that I followed called for the little yellow kind. I would imagine that you would need more spuds if you went with those. Also if you leave the skins on then they get chewy and it’s delightful.

That’s all for now, pickle chips,

Have a great weekend,


Poland and Fishing

I have made a new thing. This thing is for Poland and the theme was fish, fishermen, fishing. I like it. It was pretty fun. Fishing is one of my favorite aesthetics. I wanted to do a nice detailed fishing drawing and then I remembered that it’s a cartooning competition. So I went ahead and came up with these out of the blue.

Pre-color Fish's Tank Colored Fish's Tank

I scanned it before coloring it so that you can see the difference. I was pretty happy with the nice muddy look, it helps with the mucky sort of twisted nature of the piece. There’s really no message here, it’s just strange. I’m a big fan of his beanie.

Weight of the World

This piece has to do with the weight of world hanging on the line of someone whose livelihood is as luck based as fishing. It’s been interpreted differently, which is great. I left a lot of things vague for that reason. I had fun drawing it, but I will say that my painting skills are sub-par and the piece isn’t something I am 100% proud of, but the message is still there.

Chicken, Rice, and Cheese Casserole Recipe!

So a couple of friends were asking me how to make this dish that I made….I made a lot of it and shared it with quite a few peeps and they all wanted the recipe. I made it up in my noggin, so I will do my best to put it down on …er paper.


  • 4 c of cooked rice
  • 1-2 broccoli stalks-> STEAM IT
  • 1 diced/cooked chicken breast

The only thing you need to know how to make is the cheese sauce. Here’s how I did it:

  • heat 3 tbsp of butter MELT THAT STUFF
  • add 2 cups of milk and heat that stuff too. If you have some heavy cream on hand make .25 of that liquid some of that stuff
  • when all those dairy products are nice and warm add about a cup of shredded…more if you like. I think I used more since my hubby is a cheese lover

Now you are going to mix all the other stuff in an….11×9 baking dish…..the bigger one you have that isn’t too big.


then spread it evenly throughout the pan and cover it in corn flakes and then melt 2tbsps of butter and pour it over the whole shindig. Bake at 350 for about 15 min if you want that stuff crispy and then you pull it out and eat it. You might want to salt and pepper it to taste. I usually like to make that a personal step since reasons and stuff.

it’s gluten free!

Please note that that might not be enough cheese sauce…I have no clue, to be honest. But it’s easy enough to make more.

Have fun and enjoy!

On to the SICACO Competition

The theme for this one was “Primitive + Modern Life”. The first theme came easily, a commentary on texting with a humorous gag:

The Dangers of Texting

Sorry if the scan is poor quality, the piece’s size was too big for one go with my scanner. I had to split it in two and sew it together in It will be the same for the next piece.

Modern and Primitive Competition Piece

This second one is my favorite. It’s an ink drawing (you can tell). I didn’t want to paint it because if I were to paint it I would want it to have the color scheme and textures of a Grecian urn. The Grecian influence is purely aesthetic. I looked at some Renaissance paintings for the stage. It’s kind of a hodgepodge of stuff.

With this guy I was trying to think of places in life where “primitive” and modern live in a lovely harmony and the first thing that came to mind was theatre, where we try to recreate pieces done in more “primitive” times. I suppose I should define primitive if I am going to keep putting quotation marks on it. By primitive I just mean early living:

relating to, denoting, or preserving the character of an early stage in the evolutionary or historical development of something.


not developed or derived from anything else.

I’m not sure if the message is clear but I had fun making this piece….especially since I was watching My Little Pony whilst drawing it 😀

My Color “Theories”

I had a friend ask me about color theory and so I thought I would post my thoughts on the matter here for her benefit and for my personal reference.

When she asked me I first thought, “I don’t really have any books I can list off for you.” I pondered for a second then, rather than dismissing the question, I began to recall all the brushes I’ve had with color and color theory.

First I mentioned that the most important tool to color theory is knowing the color wheel. I am not saying that I have one with me every time I sit down to color something. However, if you are going to take on the world of color, it is a good place to start. I tasked her with one of the most helpful assignments I received from my  color theory class:

Paint the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors into a color wheel as cleanly, and perfectly as you can with just the colors red, yellow, and blue. She also had us color complimentary squares but I don’t remember enough of that part of the assignment to share. It’s important to note that part of the assignment is to paint it cleanly and in the fashion of the color wheel. Spending that much time with it really helps to bring the lesson home. I did it with acrylics and doing this really helped me understand the media. My teacher stressed cleanliness and I think I ended up having to redo things at least 3 times. I may have grumbled at the time, but it was well worth the effort and I am very grateful for her.

Color Wheel

That was my springboard. From there my instinct was to tell her to look at impressionism, my favorite being Monet. The colors they choose to express shadows and subtle tones really gets you looking deeper than “this section is blue and this one is orange”, which is very important!!!!! I cannot stress that enough. I told her to look at paintings and look at them closely. My favorite American painter is Albert Bierstadt. Not only are his works great, but his name means “beer city”!!! I could look at his stuff for days and still find more to look at. The best frame of mind to have when looking at other works is to think of colors as layers. An orange flower is not an orange flower; it is yellows that show more brightly in the light and reds that show darker in the shadows and blues when it is shaded by a tree.

I feel it is only after gaining a firm understanding of color in it’s complicated contexts should you start to look at the more stylized uses. My favorite example is Watchmen. David Gibbons sings a lot of John Higgins’ praise in Watching the Watchmen. I won’t quote anything from it but I will talk about what I drew from the book regarding color theory. For those of you haven’t looked at the coloring styles for the Watchmen book, I urge you to either pick it up or give it another look. Here is one of my favorite panels:

Sugar Cubes

Note that Mr. Higgins doesn’t use literal color language (he does that a lot throughout the book) and has the cool subdued colors frame Mr. Dreiberg in his reaction to Rorschach’s unsettling news. It’s a lot of fun going through and thinking about how the eye is led, not just by frame composition, but by color planning as well.

Another thing my friend asked of me was for some recommendations regarding the principles and elements of design. I wish that I had a nice, well thought out answer for her, but I all I can think to write is my rules of thumb for when I tackle pieces. I learn situationally and really can only speak from experience, but I will do my best to flesh out my thoughts. This should be good for me. PS some of these are practices of mine rather than having solely to do with color theory:

Sicily’s Rules of Thumb for Approaching Color Projects (in no particular order of importance)

• Always have a sample of the material you are working with that way you can test the colors on them. What you see on the pallet isn’t always going to be what you get on the bristol or illustration board.

• If you want a good understanding of color, learn to mix a good brown and make variations only working with the colors yellow, blue, and red. By this I mean that you should be able to look at a piece of wood and know how much yellow you need. My favorite recipe is the make a nice even purple and introduce it into some yellow until you get a nice brass.

• Never use black in a mixture unless you are making gray or using ink after you’ve painted. Black is very overpowering and can instantly throw a color out of wack. It doesn’t occur in nature anyways and so you shouldn’t be using it in the first place. Oh, you said you saw a black rock in your landscape? Well unless it’s obsidian, you are not trying hard enough. And even then I would not use it as a mixture. Let me show you

obisdian 3

If I saw this and thought I should paint it (not really my cup of tea but for the sake of argument let’s say I am doing this) then I would start with a very light and very blue purple and then maybe layer in some gray and when i get to the darker parts consider using black.

obsidian 1

If I were to tackle this guy I would start with an emerald color then and in a very blue heavy brown as I worked it.

obsidian 2

I see some yellowy browns and greens in this guy….by now you get the drill. You are welcome to disagree with these statements, but I remember having it pounded into my head that black is a lazy color and should only be used in very very very very special moments…. unless you are drawing, then all you have is your ink 8D

• Plan ahead and work in as many steps as you can when working on a piece so that when you are laying down your colors you do not have regrets. For example: my process for my competition pieces was as follows:

  1. draw up the idea
  2. draw up the idea in the size format
  3. trace that idea onto your final media (illustration board or bristol board usually)
  4. don’t touch it for a day
  5. lay down the basic colors (for the cat I did a water color of blue, yellow, yellowy brown, and red)
  6. don’t touch it
  7. add the next layer of colors (usually the same color but just another layer)
  8. add in the highlights and shadows
  9. draw in the colors texture
  10. ink in the outlines where needed

I am not a pro in any way, shape, or form, but working this way is making really helping me to hone my skills.

• Shadows are blue

• Translucent things are still solid. if you are painting something that is sheer then it will affect the color of whatever is behind it, even if it’s glass. This goes for drawing too. If you are rendering a shape, drawing something that is on the other side of the window does not mean that you just draw it. It is a different shape entirely and you must render it as such.

• Water makes everything more difficult. Whether you are using it as a media or trying to render its image, it will give you hell. But if you work with it anyway, then the results are usually very rewarding.

• The hardest part about painting is learning to speak in the language of light. Even if you are cartoonist you have to know this. You are not just drawing/ painting an item there, you are also rendering the light that you use to see it, however dim or bright it is. The best lesson I ever learned about this was from The Art of Comic Book Inking by Gary Martin. I love this book so much I could cry. I have poured over its pages many times. Here is a good page for illustrating what I mean. It works with just ink, but it is a good reference.

Reference Page from The Art of Comic Book Inking

I suggest you go in and read that. To be honest, it’s not really relevant to my point, but his words are gold. Sorry about the poor scan. The relevance is really more with the images. Notice the weight of the line, especially in her chin and nose. You would expect that she is being lit from above, right? Being conscious of this is important for drawing and painting. Don’t believe me? Check this out:


Besides being totally badass (because DARK SOULS MUTHA FUGGAH), there is a lot of light play going on in this painting. If the artist didn’t paint the light then you would not see the rain drops. If you want to look at something more obvious, look at our undead friend and his crow pal. The artist shaped the colors based on light and shadow. This might sound like gobbilty gook. I am not sure. I am sure, however, that I am starting to get rambly and should probably stop.

To the friend that asked this of me, I hope you find this, at least in some ways, helpful. If I think of more things, I will share them with you. If people have questions or tips of their own, I would love to hear from them.

Much obliged,

Sicily Lawson


So! I’ve been working on a lot of art! I am entering in world-wide competitions for cartoonists. I found this groovy list and just started plugging away looking at what I’d be interested in. I sent my first entry yesterday to Slovakia. Wish me luck!

The theme was Love VS Hate. These were my entries. I wasn’t able to scan the second one since I drew it at work and then mailed it out after.

Cat and MouseThe Happy Couple

Thankfully the entries for most of these contests are A3 (8.5×11), leaving me plenty of room to work while not giving me too much space to freak out over.

ALSO I made a piece for some good friends of mine. They flipped over it, which made me exceedingly happy!

Edit: Here is the cropped version of the Batman and Catwoman pieces

Batman catwoman

A Failure and a Glimmer

So today I got the bad news that I wasn’t what they were looking for in a job that I had been dreaming about getting for a year. Life will move on…it’s just upsetting because I know I would do good at the job, I just happened to mess up on the quizzes they sent me. *sigh*

I gotta keep pushing, despite this upset. Well, at least I have my comic to work on. I plan on submitting it to publishers, so I can’t share the entirety of it, but I put together a little teaser. Give feedback if you have any, and enjoy. Thanks!



Shape pg 1 Shape pg 2 Shape pg 3 Shape pg 4 Shape pg 5

Etsy Shop, I has one!

Hello internet!

It has been a while since I posted. I have been busy! I got to go to Colorado! Here is a picture of me with a buffalo to prove it:


Anywho, I have many news. The main one that my man and I will be hitting our third year anniversary. So much excitement over that stuff. In honor of this occasion we are going to try and go on a trip back to Colorado and see the wonderful friends over there (he didn’t get to come the first time). But to do that we have to save money. So I am whoring out my artistic skills on etsy. Yay ❤

I have more plans for products but for now here is a link to one of my ideas:


Random Doodles of Kindness

These doodles are business card sized cartoons that you can give or keep. Each style has a different theme. So far I have 4…or is it 5. Some are for baristas, some are for bar tenders, some are for waiters, some are for friends, and some you can decide to give them to whomever you like…like maybe an astronaut.

Each card will be given a unique look. The ones with blank spaces will have a cartoon drawn on it, and the ones with pre-made cartoons will be colored and given some sort of flair. Yipee.

Samples for you:

Inner Beard     Recover     Michael Jordan     Bartender Cartoons


There you have it. My get rich quick scheme…pfft haha. Buy a bunch of them to save on postage.

More to come soon.

Stay silky smooth my friends,


Aluminum the Can

The following is a comic I did based on a series of comments that were written after I prompted them to tell me the life story of Aluminum the Can  in 10 comments. Things got a little wibbly wobbly because I put the prompt in two places and got a jumble of answers. But this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy…i had fun drawing it. The actual comments are after the comic.

Aluminum the Can pg 1

Aluminum the Can pg 2

Aluminum the Can pg 3

Comment 1

Drew : Once Upon a Time, Aluminum the Can was birthed from the womb of Mrs Tinman and sent to the soup kitchen for an education
 Elmer : Mr Tinman is conspicuous by his absence, but as he has no further relevance to The Plot, there is no need to discuss here the eyebrow-raisingly suspicious circumstances of his death.


 Ryan : His instructor, Professor Progresso, was extremely hard on him. One day he caught Aluminum trying to peek under Ms. Campbells’ label. “Mr. The Can! Just what are you doing?” asked the professor. Aluminum replied “Um…checking her expiration date?”

Alysia : Professor Progresso scowled at the young can. “You should be ashamed at yourself! I have no result but to give you detention. I want to speak to both you and your parents after school Friday!” Aluminum was frustrated, because he had never once had such perverted thoughts! Little did Professor Progresso know, what Aluminum had told him was not far from the truth. In actuality, Aluminum had a secret second life no one knew about…

Alysia : Although Aluminum was a completely average kitchen-goer by day, at night he was leading a second evil life- as the evil Doctor Campbell Von Can.

Drew : It was just then that the string tying Aloom to his mother became taut. Her voice streamed through the other end of our protagonist. “Have you learned the art of soup yet?” she demanded.

Rebekah In all conversations between mother and son, there was an underlying tension as they both stalwartly avoided the subject of Aloom’s wayward sister, Tin, who had run away to Italy, italicized her name, and fallen in with the seedier element of can-manity. Last they’d heard, she was working in vaudeville. Or possibly as a burlesque dancer. And it was for this reason that Mrs Tinman was so hard on her son and wanted so desperately for him to become a famous soup maker.

Rebekah : *rustier, not seedier

Rebekah: (In her defense, it couldn’t have been easy growing up with the name Tin Tinman.)