The Very First Post

Dear People of the Internet,

I’m a charismatic little firecracker who wants nothing more than to use her imagination to touch the hearts of strangers. Some of my favorite words include poodle, giggle, canoodle and flibbertigibbet (meaning nonsense or balderdash).

I am a lifelong pencil pusher, pushing my pencil to draw whatever my little head wants to see. I study cartoons in depth, from the science to the content. Newspaper comics are a beloved passion of mine that I also have a lot of history with. I cannot forget to mention my respect for the ones that brought us the super heroes of yesteryear.

Professionally, I am student of the drawing program at Arizona State University, a comic artist for the State Press for two complete semesters (and am working on my third), and am currently working on illustrating a children’s book that I was selected to do by a three week long application process.

In conclusion, please explore my page. I have many lovely plans for it, so if you continue to visit you will get to see it grow…much like a Chia-pet.

With love and adoration,
Sicily Marino

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