Animated Imitation

Hello all!

Happy Valentine’s day. It’s pretty great, this day is. Great friends, great weather…I hope my boyfriend buys me flowers ❤

Anyway, I’m here to talk about something awesome. So I am in the process of moving in with my amiga and after having my own room for so long, working as an RA and all, I’ve realized I have to relearn what it’s like to have a roommate. It’s not going to be a problem or anything, I’m pretty easy to live with. Mostly because I like to clean for people (weird, I know). However, when I was contemplating this it got me thinking about what a bad roommate looks like. This is what I came up with:

Ultimate Bad Roommate List of Doom:

  1. Be messy
  2. Take that mess, and make it filthy
  3. Make sure to wallow in it
  4. Complain a lot and demand a lot of your roomie’s time
  5. Wear smelly, discolored socks with holes in them
  6. Put your feet on top of eating surfaces, especially if you are wearing the aforementioned socks
  7. Burp a lot…maybe some farting would be nice
  8. Do all that especially if there is company

So I looked at my list and was pretty happy to know that I did none of these things. However I didn’t stop there, seeing as how I over-analyze everything. I asked myself, “Wait, I don’t know anyone who does any of that…where did this list come from?” I flipped through the images in my head of people who do that stuff and all I could come up with was cartoon characters. That led to thinking about everything I stereotyped because of cartoons…the list got long.

So, anyway, I wanted to share that with you because I gained a moral that day. The moral was that things we are exposed to really do impact us…

Which is why the Hannah Montana generation will be the dooming of us all.

Love and Kisses and Valentine wishes,


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