I Love You, Daytime

Hello Everyone,

You’re great and all but today I’m going to give some love to that lovely thing called Daytime. It’s pretty great. Especially it’s good friend, the Morning. We are pretty tight, us three.

I find much joy in the morning and the day in general mostly because I am not a zombie during these times. Unless I procrastinate or am forced to do things that make no progress on all my daily tasks. This includes things like working at Gammage for awesome shows (right now it’s Wicked, hurrah), hanging with my sweetie pie friend, Alysia (aka Doctor Lunchbox), putting hand salve on my winter beaten knuckles, or finding awesome stuff like this:


That’s a pretty rad thing right there. Alysia and I love Double Fine, because they do great things and have great artists (holler if you knows what I mean ;D).

That kind of stuff only happens on lucky days. Today was a lucky day and I got to do that stuff (except work, yay) and be productive. Just look at this post. Isn’t it beautiful.

Toodles for now sweetie,

Sicily Marino

PS I was a naughty girl and skipped class to finish this work today. It was for a good cause, I promise. My Auntie is leaving tomorrow.

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