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All That Glitters is Grime

What a wonderful time I had

I don’t remember if I told you this, but I had planned to spend my Spring Break in New York with my beloved aunt. Well, guess what, I did, and it’s over with, and I had a lovely time with it all. Instead of recalling the events that took place in this trip I shall make a list. I’m not sure if they are in order but It was all grand. Once my beloved aunt puts the pictures on FaceBook then I shall post them here…on this very post.

  • Bronxville Village: Pan-Asian Restaurant + coffee shop that my dear to my dearest aunt
  • Bronx Zoo: RED PANDAS, Playful bears in pond, Got yelled at by a crane, LEMURS (my power spirit :P), Barking angry seal bull and playful small black seal like from Mickey Mouse, Bird that sang a tune I whistled, Big iridescent bird, Free Range Penguins, Tigers Playing Peekabu
  • Cloisters: Hudson River, Medieval stuff GALORE, Scottish Ivory Chess Pieces (disliked by guard), Singing Girls (shooed off by same guard), Guard (I hated him), Lunch in Monk’s Garden, Gold stuff, Art I Studied in a Class (insert lots of happy dancing)
  • Manhattan: Lots of Looking Up, Rockerfeller Center (misspelled on purpose), Lego Store (with mini Rockerfeller Center), St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Central Park (don’t enter at night), Toy Store From Big (was closed…sigh), Tiffany’s
  • Beloved Aunt’s Class: Frankenstein, Undergrads, Embarrassed Sicily, Happy Sicily, Intrigued Sicily
  • Greenwich Village: Gluten Free Pizza, Bakery, Cappuccino, COOKIES
  • Grand Central: Lots of Looking Up, Constellations from the Perspective of God, Shimmery Things, Out of Place Apple Store, Boy Gets Shooed Off Stairs
  • Church Group: Wonderful People, Wonderful Food (Daniel Fast Friendly), Wonderful Discussion, Wonderful Prayer
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art: ART EVERYWHERE (insert lots of giddy dancing), Fauvism, Impressionism, Minimalism, Pointillism, Joyilism
  • Chocolate Coffee Shop: Lunch, Nutella Hot Coco, Gluten Free Goodies, Packed Lunch, Full Tummy
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art (reprised): Souvenirs, Denied Entry (due to food we brought), Egypt, American Landscape Painting (lots of giddy dancing due to seeing paintings I am currently studying), Matisse, REAL LIVE VAN GOGHS, REAL LIVE MONETS, REAL LIVE MANETS, REAL LIVE RENOIRS
  • Once: a beautiful musical that I bought the soundtrack to, Modern Dance, Beautiful People, Beautiful Theatre, a large crowd of people outside the stage door to another theatre, waiting outside to see who it was for 45 minutes, leave, find out Ricky Martin is in Evita, Evita was playing at the theatre the crowd was surrounding, Pub, Nasty Beer I Finish Due to it Being $7, CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE, Nice Waiter, Nice Bouncer Who is Moving to Arizona
  • Metropolitan Opera: Ollie’s Noodles, crazy lady who talked to us about noodles and Egyptian politics, CHICKEN BUN, Beautiful Lobbies, L’Elisir D’Amor, Laughter, Beauty, Folly, Happy Ending, Pretty People, Pretty Fountain, FIRST NEW YORK RAIN, Broadway Street Sign, Fancy Restaurant, Playful Waiter, Deep Discussion, Fun Pictures, Fancy Dessert
  • Central Park: 6 Cardinals (thus the day was dubbed the Day of the Cardinal), Stick, Hard to Find Rock, Man-Made Lake, Beauty, Famous spots, squirrels

There was so much to do, and it was all so lovely. We didn’t complete our list, but I don’t care. I felt like there couldn’t be a more perfect way to spend my first time in New York. 

My beloved aunt is there without me, now. And I wish I could be with her, to keep her company in that lonely city. But I know that all those treasured times are as dear to her as they are to me. Magic binds it to our hearts. The magic that comes from a city that gives willingly of it’s treasured belongings to the poor man and the rich man, alike. A city that has grime and grit, sorrow and broken-ness, but ends every day as a dream. These memories are images of that magic. I am both fearful and grateful for it. Fear because I know what my beloved aunt went through to master that magic, and grateful because it has helped fulfill a dream of mine (a dream I have held since I fist saw James and the Giant Peach).

I must go now, but I leave you with joyful prospects. My final project for one of my studio classes will be of this trip. I’ll share it with you at the end of the semester.

Dreamily yours,


Third Fridays

Hey guys,

Paranoid Onion is going to be at Third Fridays this month….translation:

My art buddies and I will be on Roosevelt Row this Friday doing art, yay.

The “yay” is an integral part to the translation.

Hope to see you there. We’ll be drawing nerd things for your amusement.

Hearts and brains,


The WIN Game

So I made up a wonderful game a few months ago. I think you’re really going to like it.

I call it the WIN Game.

For some pretext, you know how a lot of people have started incorporating “meme-speak” into their everyday conversations. Well, one frequently used, meme-originated word that has become a regular in my immediate group of friends is “WIN.”

During one particularly chatty evening with this group of people, otherwise known as the Knights of Ubiquity, I was feeling especially chipper and silly. And in this silly state I took it upon myself to distribute an imaginary prize every time I felt someone’s wit and humor had earned them a WIN. My friends became increasingly delighted by these prizes, for they began to grow into quite extraordinary and imaginative prizes. The grandeur of the prize was proportionate to the cleverness of the WIN and mini prizes could be accumulated and traded in for bigger ones. Friends could trade prizes with each other and friends could suggest prizes for other individuals. At one point people decided that my prizes were so unique that they designated me the Prize Maker. So if a friend had earned a WIN while I was not present, they would announce it on FaceBook so that I could award the prize. I found it rather flattering.

Because WINs are such a regular part of American culture these days, I thought I would share this with you so that readers could play it as well. It’s a great way to be silly and make people feel important!

Here is a small list of good prizes for you to use if you are in a prize rut.

  • A never ending pizza that changes it’s toppings based off of what you’re hungry for
  • Indestructible helmet
  • Hypnotic stickers
  • A live Red Panda that is immediately in love with you (in a not creepy way)
  • Socks that never smell
  • A trumpet that never sounds ugly
  • A personal bodyguard chicken
  • dancing fish
  • toothpaste that turns your smile into diamonds.

Remember, you are only limited by your imagination,



PS Chantel has requested to have dibs on the Dancing Fish, because she gets a WIN for having an awesome recital (and an awesome recital poster :3)…so you can’t use that one…sorry.

The Witches of Oz Reside in my Noggin

Here I am agian, with another loverly post about my silly little life. Isn’t it swell?

So, do you internet viewers remember how I said I work for the mighty Gammage as a happily humble floor manager. Well there are certain side affects to this job. I have realized this when Wicked rolled into town and decided it would be cool to be here for four weeks. With one more week to go I am starting to realize that I am going dangerously insane…and I love every bit of it.

This show is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. Not only that but I am getting interesting inside information that you can only retain after having watched it at least twelve times. With the show already good and memorized I can pick up on actor’s choices to interpret the character differently and how the other actors pick up on it here and there. I am getting the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of the set design and how it has been masterfully crafted to be enjoyed from all angles (except for maybe behind the scenes, though I’m sure they have sweet times back there as well)…and I mean it, too, because honestly you are still getting your moneys worth at the tippy top of Gammage’s utmost heights. Then there’s also the love of the music itself. I love picking up the different instruments when I hear music (which is why I’m not all that into pop or rock music these days…I’m sure they are still fantastic but once I found Glenn MIller I could never go back to fewer than 5…and that doesn’t include 3 guitars) and let me tell you, the three synthesizers, one bassoon, one trumpet, and several others have made such a wonderful combo…also they have a really fun pit. This music is so very interesting and quirky! GAH (exclamation of joy that I may or may not have said out loud)! It’s been a great run with Wicked, and I’ll be sad to see it go. Therefore I shall greatly cherish this final week I have with them…………………….


All good things have a downside don’t they. I wonder if the rest of my coworkers have this problem, but every secondI don’t occupy my mind with my Leon Redbone station on Pandora my mind goes straight to playing through the songs in Wicked. I kid you not, there has not been a morning for the last three weeks that hasn’t started with either Popular, As Long As Your Mine, or No Good Deed playing on repeat in this tormented little pea-brain of mine. It’s not too stressful but I can tell you that I’m doing my best to stick other things as far away from modern Broadway into my immediate memory. I tried to go back to American in Paris but somehow that theme keeps having synthesizers subconsciously inserted in between his brass and string section…forgive me Gershwin. My friend and coworker, Jason put this up on fb and when I saw it I was like OMFG (oh my front gate)! THIS IS WIN. Here I’ll share it with you, but then I have to go:

This comic was a good deed that will go unpunished

Alright, I gotta go work on a self portrait where I shall be enhancing my face with Civil War facial hair.

Love and awkward stares,


Drop Anchor!

I’ll keep this short but I thought I would give you a side note from the post this is linked to.

In regards to music, I have a confession to make. I used to be a die hard MCR fan. And if you don’t know that acronym, that’s fine. All the more likely that you won’t lose all respect for me with that statement. Well, anyway, I was really into their crud and their image until I got out of my lovely little hick town and was exposed to something other than what could be bought at Walmart with the five dollars a week I earned from sweeping our front porch. This new land of College brought forth a bounty of cultural experiences I had only gotten a small taste of in my childhood. And all of it was thanks to my good pal, Chantel.

Chantel is an amazing girl who is about to graduate with her Honors Bachelor degree in vocal performance. With a degree like that she was required to go to a ton of concerts and performances all throughout the valley, and of course I was ultra happy to come along for the ride! We went (and are still going to…) operas (both student and professional) musicals, orchestra, choral, and solo performances and anything else we could get our greedy little eyes and ears to. It’s been a great four years and this sort of exposure has changed something within me. Sure I feel a little hoity toity with my new found patron “expertise” but really it has just changed my tastes, and I’m happy for it. Also I have gained the awesome ability to pick apart instruments and enjoy them in pieces, an ability I only knew about this year and one that I find impressive because of where I come from, where the request of a musical instrument produces nothing outside of what you would find in a country western song.

Anyway, that is the end of this little tidbit. I thought you might appreciate a fun little side note about myself.

Also, if you would like to know I owe a ton more to Chantel. Through her I have made an amazing group of friends, including my wonderful man with whom I have been swapping spit with for half a year today. If she ever reads this then she better know how much I appreciate her or I might pinch her!

Thanks for reading folks,


First Fridays and Other News

Wanna know a little secret:

I keep typing First Fridays as First Friday’s…yeah I’m weird like that. But that’s not really the secret. The real secret is that I am going to be at First Fridays with my good friend Doctor Lunchbox! She’s pretty great, I’m tellin’ yah! She’ll be walking around and shmoozing with the people and I’ll be at my own little booth drawing comics live and in person while taking suggestions for comics and such. It should all be pretty smashing. I hope you all can come out and see us at Roosevelt Row!

*Click for map here*

In other news, I’m not sure I have told you folks about my escapades with Paranoid Onion. On the 16th of February my fellow part-time mad scientists were participants of this hep new thing called Geeks Night Out. We were given a chance to table our geeky art thanks to Pop Culture Paradise, a lovely comic shop owned by two upstanding young gentle-nerds (I won’t name them in case they wouldn’t take kindly to it). It was good fun, and I have some loverly pictures for you all to view…that’s right folks, you will see my actual face. I hope it doesn’t ruin the magic too badly for you.

This here is myself (right) in my civilian clothes. I had to lend my lab coat (yes I have one) to a friend who was walking back home with no warmth. To my left is the mad scientist known as Dr. Bettertwin. She’s a fabulous thespian and we love her dearly. She has promised to be our booth babe at comic con so as to get the drooling nerds to come and buy our stuff

Here you are enjoying a lovely shot of Doctor Lunchbox and myself doodling up some sketch cards for the eager customers. We did get quite a lot of business. Our funds did get us several steps closer to repaying Dr. Mustard for purchasing our table at Comic Con. You may notice that Doctor Lunchbox and myself were selling bookmarks that have our strips on them. They were quite popular! You may also notice that I have that labcoat I was talking about earlier. When the coat is on, you will refer to me as Dr. Howdy Pilgrum.

Here you have the lovely and terrifying Dr. Mustard. A good friend of mine and Doctor Lunchbox’s. She’s a very talented artist and got much praise for her fabulous sketch cards.

Finally, I wished to include this lovely shot of Doctor Lunchbox with some of her adoring fans. The outfit you see on her is the one she has on in her strip Rocket Science. It’s quite a funny strip. You can view it as well as Boy’s Cat on the State Press website and newspaper.


I hope you all enjoyed this little adventure. I know I had a sweet time, and am very grateful to Pop Culture Paradise for their kindness and enthusiasm.

Have a great night everyone, I’m off to work another night at Gammage!


Aspirations for a Creative Working Space

Long time no see,

How gave you all been? I”ve been good. Busy working my job at Gammage, but I love it there, so it’s not really that big of a deal. It is driving me a little insane having to listen to the same music over and over again for the past three weeks, but it’s good music, so it’s a happy downward spiral into insanity. Yay!

Anyway, so I was in my class the other day and my teacher was talking about how we really gotta be visualizing what it is we want for our artist careers, specifically our creative spaces that we hope to be working in. I liked the idea of thinking about what my future work space would look like if I got my dream job of being the Queen of Cartoons, so I figured I’d put it in a post. That way you can all hold witness to the milestones in my life if I achieve these goals, and because I just like you that much.

So, here we go:

Let’s assume that I don’t get to work in a studio with a bunch of other cartoonists. Once we’ve achieved that state of mind we can go on and picture that my future husband and I have a house (or apartment) that has a room that he and I can afford to set aside some space for me to do my work. If I can fit everything I need in my 8X5 foot corner of my dorm room today, then I don’t really seeing that being too improbable. So since I’m going to be a grown up let’s give me a little more space… let’s say 10X10 feet. I think that seems logical.

Now let’s scope out the big furniture, shall we? I’m thinking that my drafting board is about 4X3 feet. I will need a scanning station, which is really just my tiny little printer. That takes up practically nothing and if we put it on top of a storage unit that’s next to a computer desk for myself then we can chunk that all up to about 4X2 feet. Both those items can fit into their own little corners. Then we have the rest of the space for supply storage and play space (like if we get a dog or a kitty or something). Of course, that is all if I am unable to get some sort of awesome animation scanner (one that will take in a whole cel with all the trimmings). Please hold while I find some examples on the internet.

(15min later)

Okay I’m going to have to get back to you on that one. I think I’ll write a letter to Snee-Oosh or something. I’m not sure. I know that the animation for Hey Arnold! or Animaniacs and stuff like that were traditional animation methods (granted they had 2 exposures/frame to cut costs) so someone has to have an answer for me…and if you do, you should totally tell me what it is. Please and thank you. For now we’ll just leave that equipment out of the mixture.

I won’t really need much, just a lot of bristol and ink…..and extra pens and stuff. Storage is easy enough. I already have some of that stuff.

Yup, you betcha.

I don’t got much else to say. A lot of this has to do with being in a community and having a place to help teach people about art. So I shall be a small time artist by day and a cartooner by night. I will be magnificent. And it’ll be great having a home. That’s my priority. I’ve kind of been drifting here and there since my freshmen year. It’ll be nice to settle down. Doctor Lunchbox and I have dreams of working with a company, or starting one. But that is another story entirely. We are working on it. Because we are awesome.

Gotta go. I want to be on time for once.

Smiles and sunshine,


PS I actually called Snee-Oosh with no answer. I’m going to write them a letter. I’ll let you know how that goes.