Drop Anchor!

I’ll keep this short but I thought I would give you a side note from the post this is linked to.

In regards to music, I have a confession to make. I used to be a die hard MCR fan. And if you don’t know that acronym, that’s fine. All the more likely that you won’t lose all respect for me with that statement. Well, anyway, I was really into their crud and their image until I got out of my lovely little hick town and was exposed to something other than what could be bought at Walmart with the five dollars a week I earned from sweeping our front porch. This new land of College brought forth a bounty of cultural experiences I had only gotten a small taste of in my childhood. And all of it was thanks to my good pal, Chantel.

Chantel is an amazing girl who is about to graduate with her Honors Bachelor degree in vocal performance. With a degree like that she was required to go to a ton of concerts and performances all throughout the valley, and of course I was ultra happy to come along for the ride! We went (and are still going to…) operas (both student and professional) musicals, orchestra, choral, and solo performances and anything else we could get our greedy little eyes and ears to. It’s been a great four years and this sort of exposure has changed something within me. Sure I feel a little hoity toity with my new found patron “expertise” but really it has just changed my tastes, and I’m happy for it. Also I have gained the awesome ability to pick apart instruments and enjoy them in pieces, an ability I only knew about this year and one that I find impressive because of where I come from, where the request of a musical instrument produces nothing outside of what you would find in a country western song.

Anyway, that is the end of this little tidbit. I thought you might appreciate a fun little side note about myself.

Also, if you would like to know I owe a ton more to Chantel. Through her I have made an amazing group of friends, including my wonderful man with whom I have been swapping spit with for half a year today. If she ever reads this then she better know how much I appreciate her or I might pinch her!

Thanks for reading folks,


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