The Witches of Oz Reside in my Noggin

Here I am agian, with another loverly post about my silly little life. Isn’t it swell?

So, do you internet viewers remember how I said I work for the mighty Gammage as a happily humble floor manager. Well there are certain side affects to this job. I have realized this when Wicked rolled into town and decided it would be cool to be here for four weeks. With one more week to go I am starting to realize that I am going dangerously insane…and I love every bit of it.

This show is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. Not only that but I am getting interesting inside information that you can only retain after having watched it at least twelve times. With the show already good and memorized I can pick up on actor’s choices to interpret the character differently and how the other actors pick up on it here and there. I am getting the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of the set design and how it has been masterfully crafted to be enjoyed from all angles (except for maybe behind the scenes, though I’m sure they have sweet times back there as well)…and I mean it, too, because honestly you are still getting your moneys worth at the tippy top of Gammage’s utmost heights. Then there’s also the love of the music itself. I love picking up the different instruments when I hear music (which is why I’m not all that into pop or rock music these days…I’m sure they are still fantastic but once I found Glenn MIller I could never go back to fewer than 5…and that doesn’t include 3 guitars) and let me tell you, the three synthesizers, one bassoon, one trumpet, and several others have made such a wonderful combo…also they have a really fun pit. This music is so very interesting and quirky! GAH (exclamation of joy that I may or may not have said out loud)! It’s been a great run with Wicked, and I’ll be sad to see it go. Therefore I shall greatly cherish this final week I have with them…………………….


All good things have a downside don’t they. I wonder if the rest of my coworkers have this problem, but every secondI don’t occupy my mind with my Leon Redbone station on Pandora my mind goes straight to playing through the songs in Wicked. I kid you not, there has not been a morning for the last three weeks that hasn’t started with either Popular, As Long As Your Mine, or No Good Deed playing on repeat in this tormented little pea-brain of mine. It’s not too stressful but I can tell you that I’m doing my best to stick other things as far away from modern Broadway into my immediate memory. I tried to go back to American in Paris but somehow that theme keeps having synthesizers subconsciously inserted in between his brass and string section…forgive me Gershwin. My friend and coworker, Jason put this up on fb and when I saw it I was like OMFG (oh my front gate)! THIS IS WIN. Here I’ll share it with you, but then I have to go:

This comic was a good deed that will go unpunished

Alright, I gotta go work on a self portrait where I shall be enhancing my face with Civil War facial hair.

Love and awkward stares,


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