The WIN Game

So I made up a wonderful game a few months ago. I think you’re really going to like it.

I call it the WIN Game.

For some pretext, you know how a lot of people have started incorporating “meme-speak” into their everyday conversations. Well, one frequently used, meme-originated word that has become a regular in my immediate group of friends is “WIN.”

During one particularly chatty evening with this group of people, otherwise known as the Knights of Ubiquity, I was feeling especially chipper and silly. And in this silly state I took it upon myself to distribute an imaginary prize every time I felt someone’s wit and humor had earned them a WIN. My friends became increasingly delighted by these prizes, for they began to grow into quite extraordinary and imaginative prizes. The grandeur of the prize was proportionate to the cleverness of the WIN and mini prizes could be accumulated and traded in for bigger ones. Friends could trade prizes with each other and friends could suggest prizes for other individuals. At one point people decided that my prizes were so unique that they designated me the Prize Maker. So if a friend had earned a WIN while I was not present, they would announce it on FaceBook so that I could award the prize. I found it rather flattering.

Because WINs are such a regular part of American culture these days, I thought I would share this with you so that readers could play it as well. It’s a great way to be silly and make people feel important!

Here is a small list of good prizes for you to use if you are in a prize rut.

  • A never ending pizza that changes it’s toppings based off of what you’re hungry for
  • Indestructible helmet
  • Hypnotic stickers
  • A live Red Panda that is immediately in love with you (in a not creepy way)
  • Socks that never smell
  • A trumpet that never sounds ugly
  • A personal bodyguard chicken
  • dancing fish
  • toothpaste that turns your smile into diamonds.

Remember, you are only limited by your imagination,



PS Chantel has requested to have dibs on the Dancing Fish, because she gets a WIN for having an awesome recital (and an awesome recital poster :3)…so you can’t use that one…sorry.

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