All That Glitters is Grime

What a wonderful time I had

I don’t remember if I told you this, but I had planned to spend my Spring Break in New York with my beloved aunt. Well, guess what, I did, and it’s over with, and I had a lovely time with it all. Instead of recalling the events that took place in this trip I shall make a list. I’m not sure if they are in order but It was all grand. Once my beloved aunt puts the pictures on FaceBook then I shall post them here…on this very post.

  • Bronxville Village: Pan-Asian Restaurant + coffee shop that my dear to my dearest aunt
  • Bronx Zoo: RED PANDAS, Playful bears in pond, Got yelled at by a crane, LEMURS (my power spirit :P), Barking angry seal bull and playful small black seal like from Mickey Mouse, Bird that sang a tune I whistled, Big iridescent bird, Free Range Penguins, Tigers Playing Peekabu
  • Cloisters: Hudson River, Medieval stuff GALORE, Scottish Ivory Chess Pieces (disliked by guard), Singing Girls (shooed off by same guard), Guard (I hated him), Lunch in Monk’s Garden, Gold stuff, Art I Studied in a Class (insert lots of happy dancing)
  • Manhattan: Lots of Looking Up, Rockerfeller Center (misspelled on purpose), Lego Store (with mini Rockerfeller Center), St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Central Park (don’t enter at night), Toy Store From Big (was closed…sigh), Tiffany’s
  • Beloved Aunt’s Class: Frankenstein, Undergrads, Embarrassed Sicily, Happy Sicily, Intrigued Sicily
  • Greenwich Village: Gluten Free Pizza, Bakery, Cappuccino, COOKIES
  • Grand Central: Lots of Looking Up, Constellations from the Perspective of God, Shimmery Things, Out of Place Apple Store, Boy Gets Shooed Off Stairs
  • Church Group: Wonderful People, Wonderful Food (Daniel Fast Friendly), Wonderful Discussion, Wonderful Prayer
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art: ART EVERYWHERE (insert lots of giddy dancing), Fauvism, Impressionism, Minimalism, Pointillism, Joyilism
  • Chocolate Coffee Shop: Lunch, Nutella Hot Coco, Gluten Free Goodies, Packed Lunch, Full Tummy
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art (reprised): Souvenirs, Denied Entry (due to food we brought), Egypt, American Landscape Painting (lots of giddy dancing due to seeing paintings I am currently studying), Matisse, REAL LIVE VAN GOGHS, REAL LIVE MONETS, REAL LIVE MANETS, REAL LIVE RENOIRS
  • Once: a beautiful musical that I bought the soundtrack to, Modern Dance, Beautiful People, Beautiful Theatre, a large crowd of people outside the stage door to another theatre, waiting outside to see who it was for 45 minutes, leave, find out Ricky Martin is in Evita, Evita was playing at the theatre the crowd was surrounding, Pub, Nasty Beer I Finish Due to it Being $7, CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE, Nice Waiter, Nice Bouncer Who is Moving to Arizona
  • Metropolitan Opera: Ollie’s Noodles, crazy lady who talked to us about noodles and Egyptian politics, CHICKEN BUN, Beautiful Lobbies, L’Elisir D’Amor, Laughter, Beauty, Folly, Happy Ending, Pretty People, Pretty Fountain, FIRST NEW YORK RAIN, Broadway Street Sign, Fancy Restaurant, Playful Waiter, Deep Discussion, Fun Pictures, Fancy Dessert
  • Central Park: 6 Cardinals (thus the day was dubbed the Day of the Cardinal), Stick, Hard to Find Rock, Man-Made Lake, Beauty, Famous spots, squirrels

There was so much to do, and it was all so lovely. We didn’t complete our list, but I don’t care. I felt like there couldn’t be a more perfect way to spend my first time in New York. 

My beloved aunt is there without me, now. And I wish I could be with her, to keep her company in that lonely city. But I know that all those treasured times are as dear to her as they are to me. Magic binds it to our hearts. The magic that comes from a city that gives willingly of it’s treasured belongings to the poor man and the rich man, alike. A city that has grime and grit, sorrow and broken-ness, but ends every day as a dream. These memories are images of that magic. I am both fearful and grateful for it. Fear because I know what my beloved aunt went through to master that magic, and grateful because it has helped fulfill a dream of mine (a dream I have held since I fist saw James and the Giant Peach).

I must go now, but I leave you with joyful prospects. My final project for one of my studio classes will be of this trip. I’ll share it with you at the end of the semester.

Dreamily yours,


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