Summer Time


And the living ain’t so easy….sorry Mr. Gershwin, but I’m pretty sure that you were not writing about college students.

I had plans. Grand plans of living on campus and getting oodles of work done. However, to my surprise, God had other plans. And those plans include me going back to Gila Bend for the summer, right after I get done with ComicCon. This week I’m bumming around sleeping at friend’s places while working at Gammage. Next week I’ll be staying at Dr. LunchBox’s It’ll be great. We’ll make food, play wither her weenie dogs and her psychotic bird, shoot the breeze, see some flicks. I’m excited. We always have a lot of fun. Like when we spent 5 hours watching Spoony play Phantasmagoria PUZZLES OF THE FLESH…yep good times!

So now I am in a rare situation where I am able to set up all my computers needs so that it can serve me. After I finish this post I will be working on my application to I’m excited about this one because I really like the style of the art they showcase. I might be able to use them for other publications. That reminds me, GUESS WHAT!? I’m going to spend my summer working on some projects that I couldn’t work on during the school year! I’m excited. It’s why I think God threw a wrench in everything. Granted a lot of it came from my lack of competence to cope with the stresses in my life as they came at me in the form of a tsunami of death…but hey, I can recognize that as signals from the big guy. 

Another thing I’ll be doing is setting up a ComicsPress account. It’ll make it easier to view my artwork. I’ll still keep this blog up so that you can keep up with my life and my art in two separate accounts. It’s a tactical thing…I think. 

For now please enjoy this lovely summer moment between Cat and Boy. 

Sillily yours,




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