Summer Time and the Work Gets Tough

My step-dad, papa, amazes me. He gets up really early on his days off and gets out there and works on the yard, cares for our ducks, and communes with nature….sometimes communing with nature includes killing rattle snakes in our backyard (like the one I discovered yesterday while feeding the dogs…I was very much so in its biting range) or playing with our dogs.

I didn’t get a picture of him so yesterday as he spent 9 hours in the sun, but I there is something I can share with you:

Gila Bend’s Weather
ClearClear Temperature: 110 °F
               Feels Like 102 °F
That’s today’s weather in Gila Bend. Yesterday’s was 114 °F. That man is crazy. He understands that I have to work on comics so he doesn’t expect me to go out there and help him. However I take it upon myself to keep the man hydrated. Honestly, he’s crazy. The news even had a story on TV where they just went and interviewed folks complaining about how hot it is:
Anyway, the point is my papa has honey badger blood and if there’s one thing that that man has taught me it’s that you don’t have to be smart so much as be a hard worker…I’m not saying he’s dumb….I think what I mean is that I really should get back to work. Tune in next week for me to be all giddy about getting out of this heat!
PS here is that next Ub-Zerv comic
Adventure 2

Adventure 2

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