What I Learned this Summer

Howdy Y’all,

I’m finally back from my time out in the boonies [Gila Bend]. This time was spent mostly being tortured by the rays of sun reserved for lifeguards. It was only three weeks at a little school in the middle of the desert, but I swear that the sun picked those three weeks to pump out the most heat it can in each day. 

Besides that I got to apply to some syndicates with a revamped version of Boy’s Cat (now called Cat’s Boy). I did it all in real ink and with real ink utensils (not that micron pens aren’t legit…)! It was all fun until I  actually sent them off. I was feeling confident up until that point. This is mostly because I wasn’t in control anymore. I’ve already gotten two rejection letters, but I still have to hear back from two more and I shall remain hopeful. I still haven’t applied to Universal. I think I will actually draw a couple of more comics with some of the character develops I’ve come up with before I turn in anything to them. That might have been the problem with the other submissions, not enough focus…yep, too aimless. 

I also got to go up to Happy Jack, AZ. Quite a lovely place. From what I saw it was basically a place filled with people who really just wanted out of the heat and away from civilization so that they could hang around their grills and (for now) banned camp fires talking about fishing, off-roading, and their dogs. Which is a good summary of what my family loves to do. I made a good time of it and even got some knitting done…one better, I got to teach JC (the daughter of the family whose house we were staying at) how to knit. It was a swell time with friends and with nature. PS Totally saw an eagle snatch a fish from the middle of a lake. Also, I GOT TO PET A BABY MOUSE (which was followed by a prompt and thorough hand washing)!!!!!!!!!!


Anyway, that’s all over now. My last summer vacation has come and gone, and dog-gone if it wasn’t the swellest thing I could experience.

List of Full Summer Achievements:

  1. Went to the BAHAMAS…
  2. …ON A CRUISE SHIP (a tad scary, it was)
  3. had sweet times with my aunt and grandmother
  4. moved like twelve thousand times
  5. went to friggen’ Colorado to see a good friend (will post about that later)
  6. made a teddy bear for that friend’s preggers sister (twin sister)
  7. swore I wouldn’t become a lifeguard
  8. became a lifeguard
  9. made some serious cash
  10. used almost all that cash to start my life in an apartment with two amigas
  11. made a friggen’ lucha mask
  12. will start posting pictures of myself in that lucha mask
  13. Imageel cafe
  14. sweet family time
  15. met my new dogs
  16. made them my best friends
  17. watched my step-dad kill like a gajillion snakes
  18. became an adult (there was a cocoon and everything)


Talk to you next time about my life as a growned up =B

Always and forever, 

Sicily Marino

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