Long Time No See

A friend of mine/old boss has inspired me to start blogging again. And now that I am out of college and have oodles of projects that I get to do that don’t go around trying to please professors I feel I might have some things to blog about! Don’t get me wrong, I kind of miss creating around the parameters of an assignment, but now it is time to be a big girl and pioneer my happy little way into life. So here is a list of a few things I am working on!

  • I have an etsy shop, 2StupidGirls, that I have started with my roommate, Alysia. There isn’t much to it at the moment but we have things brewing. 
  • We are currently working on editing a large number of videos for our youtube channel. It involves us playing video games and talking…sometimes lots of shouting. It get’s a little….full of swear words….yeah. But it’s oodles of fun and involves explosions and gun fights and lots of silly things like that. I hope you enjoy. 
  • …I got a tatting book. Maybe I’ll make lace. 
  • JD (my man) and I won’t be getting married for a little while but I have already started thinking of cool ideas and whatnot. 

So these are things you could possibly looking forward to in my posts. They will be relatively short, but I hear that isn’t really a bad thing. For now, please enjoy this picture I made as a cover for one of our youtube videos. We played a game called Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days with our friend, Morgan. There was a lot of dying. 




In the video I insist on calling the game David Lynch, a well known director/writer. He is well known in that he is kind of a weirdo. He is photoshopped in over the games featured characters. I hope you enjoy. 


Hugs and biscuits,


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