My roommate and I have succeeded in getting our fist video up! It’s all very exciting, but now we must be good girls and regularly put up videos. Here it is! In this video we have started our journey into Grand Theft Auto IV.  We actually have quite a bit of footage from this shoot to go and then on top of that we still have two or three other shoots. The editing is a little wonky because we have never done this before, but we enjoyed it oodles and we hope you do, too. 

In other news I have drawn a batch of what I call W.T.F.D.s

  • What’s 
  • This 
  • Fab 
  • Doodle

This batch will consist of cards that I will print out and then sell in packs. The fun part is is that I will add some hand drawn elements or some coloring to each card in each pack. I am really looking forward to it! These cards will then be something you can use for different situations. For instance I have a set of bartender cards, cards that you can leave in your bartender’s tip jars, or my food delivery guy cards. I make sure to note that these cards are not to be given in loo of tips. Here are some samples of my favorite ones:



And that’s all you get for now! I will post a link once I have them up on my shop. 

Speaking of new additions to the shop, I have just finished a lovely scarf. FYI it was quite easy, being that it was one of those net yarns, but it is pretty nonetheless. Again, I will post a link as soon as I have some pictures taken and the item is up and for sale. 

And finally I will end this in saying that JD and I had a fabulous Valentine’s Day, celebrated, of course, on Tuesday (I had to work). The decorations I made were ones that we will be our jumping pad for the rest of our wedding decor! Here is a picture:



Please ignore the mess! 

Well folds, that is all the time I have for today. I hope you enjoyed all these things. Have a great week!


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