More Exciting Things

I’ve got a lot I am looking forward to. Thank goodness it’s all stuff that I can work on while I wait. I have begun the construction of a series of tiny origami boxes that will become the wedding favors, for one. It’s a lot of fun folding them and the boxes are all so pretty. I bought some lovely paper at Hobby Lobby. BLUE AND YELLOW, those are the colors. I love it. 

On top of that I have bought the dress that I am going to embellish and transform into my future wedding gown. It’s all so exciting. The design has already been thought of, I’m more-so worried about the execution. But I am sure that is natural. I’ll post a picture next.

Things are going well with 2 Stupid Girls. We started off making heavily edited videos, but have changed to just doing play-throughs. We don’t exactly have the time to do too much to the videos. Though, I must admit, it’s a lot of fun adding silly photos and sound effects to them. 

Hope your week goes well. I’ll post the new content,


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