Comic Convention Fun Times: Paranoid Onion Laboratories Booth

Here I am with more content! Hooray!

Alright, I’m gonna share some of the art I did for the con. Let’s do this.


I apologize for poor quality. I finished it while at con so I didn’t get the chance scan it. The story behind this booger is that I did it for Nathan Fillion as a sort of thank you for being awesome. Firefly was the first show my boyfriend and I watched together and I wanted to make something for Mr. Fillion as a token of that memory. I didn’t get to actually give it to him, but I am sure that it got to him.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA???????????????????????????????

These were the only costumes we could muster. Alysia and I are the pokemon (people really like the sweaters. I made them myself….psyduck came out a little derpy but Alysia was a trooper and still wore it). DJ and Ash came as Death and Delirium from Sandman. Good stuff.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Chikeroo these chickens! There is a lady who comes by every year asking for chickens! Her name is Hannah and I can’t seem to find her blog. She is very nice and keeps chickens and is super sweet. Every year she goes to artist’s booths and commissions ¬†chickens. The list is always really fun! The only one I don’t have a picture of is the one DJ did of a chicken mermaid. It’s really pretty. Mine are the ones with the anchors. I wanted to do a lot for her because I really enjoy drawing chickens. My favorite is probably the one of the chicken ascending to heaven. She told us about one of her chickens passing and that she wanted a drawing to remember her by *sniff.


Image (4)

This is an etching I did of the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 crew. Fun fact: I did this piece while watching MST3K. I sold it on Sunday to a happy fellow who is also a fan of the show. YAY

2014-06-09_11-02-21_630Finally, we have a key holder that I found at Goodwill. Before I fixed it up it was just a key holder with a flower painted on it. I sanded that sucker down and painted these fellas on it. I thought it was clever. It didn’t sell at the con so I will probably put it up on my Etsy when I get a better picture of it.


Welp, that is all I have for now. I have one more set of con pictures for you. Hopefully I will have time after work tomorrow.

Thanks for looking,



2 responses

    • Thanks! I worked really hard on it for Halloween. I got a lot of comments on it and some people wanted to buy it, even. I wasn’t willing to sell it though. There was a day that a dude dressed as Ash Ketchum was taking pictures of people dressed as poke’mon, and I was one of them. Yay!

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