Comic Convention Fun Times: NERDS!

I love nerds! I love dorks! I love geeks! Whatever we wish to call ourselves! People who turn fandoms into a means of creating friendship and good times. I LOVE IT! I love making art for them, I love seeing their art, I love seeing them enjoy art. It’s great. So for this post I am going to share with you some of the awesome people I met at the Con.

taco pal

SOOOOOOO I thought it would be a bad idea to post a picture of a little girl on the internet because I am paranoid like that. Anywho, there is a funny story to this one. I made a crocheted taco magnet a while back and thought, “Hey, why not. Nerds like tacos!” So I put it up for sale at our booth. I still hadn’t sold it by Sunday, so I did what we all did and cut my prices down. I was in the middle of drawing a chicken for Hannah when I noticed that taco pal was in the hands of a little girl who was walking away. I approached her and asked her if she had paid for that…as nicely as I possibly could because I was pretty sure this girl wasn’t demon spawn and trying to rob me of my taco pal. Regardless of my efforts, she looked scared and informed me that she was showing it to her daddy to see if he would buy it for her. I felt awful for having scared the poor thing so I told the man that it was $10 but was willing to go down to $5. He said it was fine and gave me a $10. The good news is, I think I cheered her up a bit when I asked her if I could get her picture with taco pal. As you can see (at least I hope) she was pretty happy about the whole thing. I believe with all my widdle heart that taco pal went to a good home. When I find a picture of taco pal (it’s around here somewhere) I will post it. He has a cute little surprise!

comic con

My friend Kevin took this picture of a clever costumed fellow. Con is all about being clever.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ???????????????????????????????

This is a mom and her kid rocking the nerd swag! It’s always nice to see a throwback costume. Especially when she is April O’Neil! Also, her kid put a lot of work into that costume!


These two took throwback to a higher level then April O’Neil. The big heads may be a little creepy, but I give them props for rocking it.





Yay for old dude nerds! This group was fantastic! Not only were they a bunch of really awesome characters but they were totally together in it by playing some of DC’s oldies but goodies. That, and I am pretty sure there is a Batman the Brave and the Bold episode featuring them together like this. *squee


Speaking of Batman, these guys did a great job with their Adam West Batman character costumes. THEY LOOK AWESOME! The bomb and Bat-Shark Repellent were a nice touch, don’t you think?


Another great bit about Con, video game love is also included! I didn’t get a picture but I think my favorite Legend of Zelda costume group was a couple dressed as Link, Navi (complete with a HEY LISTEN sign), and their corgi dressed as another Link (complete with Hyrule Shield).


Sometimes, at Con, you won’t know what you are looking at. But you sure as hell will be thinking to yourself, “Damn, that looks cool!” If anyone knows what this group went as, please let me know. They deserve the props!



Props are being given…but at the cost of me possibly wetting myself. Let’s just hope his head doesn’t explode.


These two deserve a round of applause for just being adorable together. That being said, Hoggle still creeps me out a little.


SO AWESOME! We got a burning peasant, The Cheat, Strongbad, and TROGDOR THE BURNINATOR all masterfully done! The woman playing Strongbad even got pregnant to create a realistic beer gut for the costume…lol.


Another one I stole from Kevin. This costume is just AMAZING! And, on top of that, the person even took the time to make a kid happy. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!

There are a couple of pictures I still don’t have my hands on yet because I had to rely on others to take pictures. When I get them I will share them, so yeah, look forward to that. But for now, I hope you can see why Con is so magic-tastic!




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