Nostalgia-chip Cookies

When I moved into the apartment I am currently residing in, my mother returned to me a cook book I was given when I was Cicely Jr. It has amazingly fun illustrations in it as well as this wonderful recipe:

Image (7)

I am posting about this because I was reading Apricot’s “About” page and thought, it might be fun to open up a box of nostalgia (even though the page wasn’t really about that, I just thought about it after the fact).  As a writer, Apricot revisits herself by recreating the fresh and free feeling that came from writing for herself. I would imagine that her experience is similar to mine, but instead of words I use drawings. I revisit myself by looking back at images, feelings, flavors, so that I can portray them with my new visual vocabulary.

I might do some more posts that involve looking back. There might be some ideas there.

Thanks Apricot,


One response

  1. I should be thanking you Buster! I am honored to be mentioned in such a warm and tasty art and creativity related post! Glad my humble `about` could be of any inspiration.
    Although the vocabulary we use is different, we definitely use the same process to get our stories out there.
    And you are lucky to know people who could find such a fun looking cook book! 😀
    Keep creating…

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