Aluminum the Can

The following is a comic I did based on a series of comments that were written after I prompted them to tell me the life story of Aluminum the Can  in 10 comments. Things got a little wibbly wobbly because I put the prompt in two places and got a jumble of answers. But this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy…i had fun drawing it. The actual comments are after the comic.

Aluminum the Can pg 1

Aluminum the Can pg 2

Aluminum the Can pg 3

Comment 1

Drew : Once Upon a Time, Aluminum the Can was birthed from the womb of Mrs Tinman and sent to the soup kitchen for an education
 Elmer : Mr Tinman is conspicuous by his absence, but as he has no further relevance to The Plot, there is no need to discuss here the eyebrow-raisingly suspicious circumstances of his death.


 Ryan : His instructor, Professor Progresso, was extremely hard on him. One day he caught Aluminum trying to peek under Ms. Campbells’ label. “Mr. The Can! Just what are you doing?” asked the professor. Aluminum replied “Um…checking her expiration date?”

Alysia : Professor Progresso scowled at the young can. “You should be ashamed at yourself! I have no result but to give you detention. I want to speak to both you and your parents after school Friday!” Aluminum was frustrated, because he had never once had such perverted thoughts! Little did Professor Progresso know, what Aluminum had told him was not far from the truth. In actuality, Aluminum had a secret second life no one knew about…

Alysia : Although Aluminum was a completely average kitchen-goer by day, at night he was leading a second evil life- as the evil Doctor Campbell Von Can.

Drew : It was just then that the string tying Aloom to his mother became taut. Her voice streamed through the other end of our protagonist. “Have you learned the art of soup yet?” she demanded.

Rebekah In all conversations between mother and son, there was an underlying tension as they both stalwartly avoided the subject of Aloom’s wayward sister, Tin, who had run away to Italy, italicized her name, and fallen in with the seedier element of can-manity. Last they’d heard, she was working in vaudeville. Or possibly as a burlesque dancer. And it was for this reason that Mrs Tinman was so hard on her son and wanted so desperately for him to become a famous soup maker.

Rebekah : *rustier, not seedier

Rebekah: (In her defense, it couldn’t have been easy growing up with the name Tin Tinman.)


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