Etsy Shop, I has one!

Hello internet!

It has been a while since I posted. I have been busy! I got to go to Colorado! Here is a picture of me with a buffalo to prove it:


Anywho, I have many news. The main one that my man and I will be hitting our third year anniversary. So much excitement over that stuff. In honor of this occasion we are going to try and go on a trip back to Colorado and see the wonderful friends over there (he didn’t get to come the first time). But to do that we have to save money. So I am whoring out my artistic skills on etsy. Yay ❤

I have more plans for products but for now here is a link to one of my ideas:


Random Doodles of Kindness

These doodles are business card sized cartoons that you can give or keep. Each style has a different theme. So far I have 4…or is it 5. Some are for baristas, some are for bar tenders, some are for waiters, some are for friends, and some you can decide to give them to whomever you like…like maybe an astronaut.

Each card will be given a unique look. The ones with blank spaces will have a cartoon drawn on it, and the ones with pre-made cartoons will be colored and given some sort of flair. Yipee.

Samples for you:

Inner Beard     Recover     Michael Jordan     Bartender Cartoons


There you have it. My get rich quick scheme…pfft haha. Buy a bunch of them to save on postage.

More to come soon.

Stay silky smooth my friends,


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