A Failure and a Glimmer

So today I got the bad news that I wasn’t what they were looking for in a job that I had been dreaming about getting for a year. Life will move on…it’s just upsetting because I know I would do good at the job, I just happened to mess up on the quizzes they sent me. *sigh*

I gotta keep pushing, despite this upset. Well, at least I have my comic to work on. I plan on submitting it to publishers, so I can’t share the entirety of it, but I put together a little teaser. Give feedback if you have any, and enjoy. Thanks!



Shape pg 1 Shape pg 2 Shape pg 3 Shape pg 4 Shape pg 5

2 responses

  1. Bummer man. I’ve been applying for jobs too, and getting turned down for ALL OF THEM. It sucks. I read a study somewhere that said out of a bunch of job applicants, 16% of the applications had a positive response. So don’t feel too bad, LOL. We all fail. It’s their loss.

    YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD ARTIST. It blows my mind. The only thing you need to work on, is story structure, and clarity. It’s not always clear what’s going on in the comic. I think it’s just because you think differently; Jacob is the same way. I wonder if maybe writing might help you out with that? Like, writing a few short stories? It’s easier to see story structure that way. Or even just writing your comic ideas out in words and then tweaking the structure there for clarity, and then turning into a comic? Just an idea. ^_^

    • I often ask people as I am drawing things whether it is hard to read. A lot of people told me it was a lot easier to understand as a whole comic. hmmmm
      And yeah, it’s hard to bounce back from those kinds of let downs, but I know I gotta work at it. Lots to do and not a lot of motivation to do it. Gotta do my best!

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