Scalloped Potato Casserole


Made a thing, friends tried the thing, friends like the thing, here is how to make that thing:


  • 4 potatoes (of good size) (sliced as thinly as possible)

Sauce ingredients:

  • 3 table spoons of buttah (BAM)
  • a couple of tablespoons of flowers (for your counter)
  • a couple of tablespoons of flour (for the recipe)
  • lots of friggin garlic
  • 1 cup of chicken broth (or vegetable broth or pork whatever you fancy)
  • i think…that it was about a cup of milk
  • hellamounts of cheese (like gobs)



meltin the butter *snap snap* addin the flour *clap clap* mix in the garlic *stomp stomp* dance that stuff around make it swirl till it turns a little brown. *jazz flute interlude* Time to add the liquid goods and let it get it to a boil. It should be pretty thick but if you want it thinner add some more of our friend MILK and that stuff should get nice and perfect!


layer the bottom with potato slices like your life depended on it. Don’t stack anything though because you want that stuff to touch cheese. NEXT you gotta spread that cheese song over the top. Make it generous but not all of it because you gotta do this a couple of times. I used a rubber spatula to make sure it’s nice and even. Then put another layer of tatoes and repeat the process. You should get 3 layers. Try to save a little for the next part.


350° for 30 hot minutes

While that puppy is baking it’s time to prep the toppings for the next round. I used chicken (chopped it up into little pieces and seasoned it to my liking because when it’s your kitchen you rule) broccoli (I steamed some ahead of time), and onion. You might be able to finish this all in 30 minutes but I did quite a bit ahead of time (like the broccoli thing). Mix up all these ingredients with the leftover cheeze sauce and some water from the broccoli boil (to help spread out more of the cheese sauce) and put it on top.


for 15 more minutes

Now you can either be done with your casserole after that 15 or you can do what I did and add biscuits on top. I just grabbed a biscuit recipe and added some Italian seasoning to it for a nice herby effect, rolled the dough into balls, flattened them, and then placed them on top of the casserole after the 15 minutes were up and threw that beast back in for another 15 minutes. This was perfect amount of time and after all that we had ourselves a perfect casserole *jazz hands*!

That’s pretty much it! I had no photographic evidence of my adventures but it’s a fairly simple process. The scalloped potato recipe that I followed called for the little yellow kind. I would imagine that you would need more spuds if you went with those. Also if you leave the skins on then they get chewy and it’s delightful.

That’s all for now, pickle chips,

Have a great weekend,


Poland and Fishing

I have made a new thing. This thing is for Poland and the theme was fish, fishermen, fishing. I like it. It was pretty fun. Fishing is one of my favorite aesthetics. I wanted to do a nice detailed fishing drawing and then I remembered that it’s a cartooning competition. So I went ahead and came up with these out of the blue.

Pre-color Fish's Tank Colored Fish's Tank

I scanned it before coloring it so that you can see the difference. I was pretty happy with the nice muddy look, it helps with the mucky sort of twisted nature of the piece. There’s really no message here, it’s just strange. I’m a big fan of his beanie.

Weight of the World

This piece has to do with the weight of world hanging on the line of someone whose livelihood is as luck based as fishing. It’s been interpreted differently, which is great. I left a lot of things vague for that reason. I had fun drawing it, but I will say that my painting skills are sub-par and the piece isn’t something I am 100% proud of, but the message is still there.