Poland and Fishing

I have made a new thing. This thing is for Poland and the theme was fish, fishermen, fishing. I like it. It was pretty fun. Fishing is one of my favorite aesthetics. I wanted to do a nice detailed fishing drawing and then I remembered that it’s a cartooning competition. So I went ahead and came up with these out of the blue.

Pre-color Fish's Tank Colored Fish's Tank

I scanned it before coloring it so that you can see the difference. I was pretty happy with the nice muddy look, it helps with the mucky sort of twisted nature of the piece. There’s really no message here, it’s just strange. I’m a big fan of his beanie.

Weight of the World

This piece has to do with the weight of world hanging on the line of someone whose livelihood is as luck based as fishing. It’s been interpreted differently, which is great. I left a lot of things vague for that reason. I had fun drawing it, but I will say that my painting skills are sub-par and the piece isn’t something I am 100% proud of, but the message is still there.

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