About the Artist

Sicily Marino was born in Phoenix and grew up in a pitstop town called Gila Bend. She is a young artist who has been drawing since the age of four. She continued that passion on into college as a student at Arizona State University majoring in Drawing. During her college career she gained experience in print making as well as some sculpting, though she feels most at home with a pen and ink.

Professionally, her comic, Boy’s Cat, is published in The State Press and she is illustrating a children’s book for author Helen Krueger. She plans to use the upcoming summer to get Boy’s Cat and other concepts syndicated.

She currently likes to think of George Herriman as her Fairy Godfather in this challenging thing called art and has used his influence, as well as other early American animators, filmmakers, and cartoonists’, to craft a style that purposefully pays homage to their legacy. With this mission in mind, she presses on to ensure that future generations know of their greatness.

One response

  1. So I plan on updating this. Helen and I had a bit of a falling out. And I left the State Press this year to better focus on my school work. I sent in 5 applications for syndication and didn’t get any positive replies. I’m still working hard and got a lot going on but I am in a very different place than I was when I wrote this.

    I’ll be updating very soon.
    Thanks for being wonderful!


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