Hello Reader!
Here is where I shall lovingly place my daily strips.So far we only have Boy’s Cat in the making, but one day I hope to expand, as I find the art form to be one of great importance to me.I hope you like it, and please, feel free to give me some delicious feedback!
Whole-heartedly yours,
Sicily Marino

Adventure 1

Adventure 2

Adventure 3

Adventure 4

Adventure 5

Week NUMBA 2!!!!

Adventure 6

I owe you guys like a week and two days. I totally fail, but I still really love you all.

Adventure 7

Adventure 8

Adventure 9

And now for this week.

Adventure 11

Adventure 12

Adventure 13

Adventure 14

Adventure 15

Week 4

Adventure 16

Adventure 17

Adventure 18

Adventure 19

Adventure 20

Week 5
Adventure 21 (captions are not working for some reason)

Adventure 22


I drew this for my friend Alysia, she did one for me, too.

I think I have exceeded the amount of comics I can put on this Page. I’ll be putting more on another Page entitled

Dailies, Part 2



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