First Fridays and Other News

Wanna know a little secret:

I keep typing First Fridays as First Friday’s…yeah I’m weird like that. But that’s not really the secret. The real secret is that I am going to be at First Fridays with my good friend Doctor Lunchbox! She’s pretty great, I’m tellin’ yah! She’ll be walking around and shmoozing with the people and I’ll be at my own little booth drawing comics live and in person while taking suggestions for comics and such. It should all be pretty smashing. I hope you all can come out and see us at Roosevelt Row!

*Click for map here*

In other news, I’m not sure I have told you folks about my escapades with Paranoid Onion. On the 16th of February my fellow part-time mad scientists were participants of this hep new thing called Geeks Night Out. We were given a chance to table our geeky art thanks to Pop Culture Paradise, a lovely comic shop owned by two upstanding young gentle-nerds (I won’t name them in case they wouldn’t take kindly to it). It was good fun, and I have some loverly pictures for you all to view…that’s right folks, you will see my actual face. I hope it doesn’t ruin the magic too badly for you.

This here is myself (right) in my civilian clothes. I had to lend my lab coat (yes I have one) to a friend who was walking back home with no warmth. To my left is the mad scientist known as Dr. Bettertwin. She’s a fabulous thespian and we love her dearly. She has promised to be our booth babe at comic con so as to get the drooling nerds to come and buy our stuff

Here you are enjoying a lovely shot of Doctor Lunchbox and myself doodling up some sketch cards for the eager customers. We did get quite a lot of business. Our funds did get us several steps closer to repaying Dr. Mustard for purchasing our table at Comic Con. You may notice that Doctor Lunchbox and myself were selling bookmarks that have our strips on them. They were quite popular! You may also notice that I have that labcoat I was talking about earlier. When the coat is on, you will refer to me as Dr. Howdy Pilgrum.

Here you have the lovely and terrifying Dr. Mustard. A good friend of mine and Doctor Lunchbox’s. She’s a very talented artist and got much praise for her fabulous sketch cards.

Finally, I wished to include this lovely shot of Doctor Lunchbox with some of her adoring fans. The outfit you see on her is the one she has on in her strip Rocket Science. It’s quite a funny strip. You can view it as well as Boy’s Cat on the State Press website and newspaper.


I hope you all enjoyed this little adventure. I know I had a sweet time, and am very grateful to Pop Culture Paradise for their kindness and enthusiasm.

Have a great night everyone, I’m off to work another night at Gammage!


Aspirations for a Creative Working Space

Long time no see,

How gave you all been? I”ve been good. Busy working my job at Gammage, but I love it there, so it’s not really that big of a deal. It is driving me a little insane having to listen to the same music over and over again for the past three weeks, but it’s good music, so it’s a happy downward spiral into insanity. Yay!

Anyway, so I was in my class the other day and my teacher was talking about how we really gotta be visualizing what it is we want for our artist careers, specifically our creative spaces that we hope to be working in. I liked the idea of thinking about what my future work space would look like if I got my dream job of being the Queen of Cartoons, so I figured I’d put it in a post. That way you can all hold witness to the milestones in my life if I achieve these goals, and because I just like you that much.

So, here we go:

Let’s assume that I don’t get to work in a studio with a bunch of other cartoonists. Once we’ve achieved that state of mind we can go on and picture that my future husband and I have a house (or apartment) that has a room that he and I can afford to set aside some space for me to do my work. If I can fit everything I need in my 8X5 foot corner of my dorm room today, then I don’t really seeing that being too improbable. So since I’m going to be a grown up let’s give me a little more space… let’s say 10X10 feet. I think that seems logical.

Now let’s scope out the big furniture, shall we? I’m thinking that my drafting board is about 4X3 feet. I will need a scanning station, which is really just my tiny little printer. That takes up practically nothing and if we put it on top of a storage unit that’s next to a computer desk for myself then we can chunk that all up to about 4X2 feet. Both those items can fit into their own little corners. Then we have the rest of the space for supply storage and play space (like if we get a dog or a kitty or something). Of course, that is all if I am unable to get some sort of awesome animation scanner (one that will take in a whole cel with all the trimmings). Please hold while I find some examples on the internet.

(15min later)

Okay I’m going to have to get back to you on that one. I think I’ll write a letter to Snee-Oosh or something. I’m not sure. I know that the animation for Hey Arnold! or Animaniacs and stuff like that were traditional animation methods (granted they had 2 exposures/frame to cut costs) so someone has to have an answer for me…and if you do, you should totally tell me what it is. Please and thank you. For now we’ll just leave that equipment out of the mixture.

I won’t really need much, just a lot of bristol and ink…..and extra pens and stuff. Storage is easy enough. I already have some of that stuff.

Yup, you betcha.

I don’t got much else to say. A lot of this has to do with being in a community and having a place to help teach people about art. So I shall be a small time artist by day and a cartooner by night. I will be magnificent. And it’ll be great having a home. That’s my priority. I’ve kind of been drifting here and there since my freshmen year. It’ll be nice to settle down. Doctor Lunchbox and I have dreams of working with a company, or starting one. But that is another story entirely. We are working on it. Because we are awesome.

Gotta go. I want to be on time for once.

Smiles and sunshine,


PS I actually called Snee-Oosh with no answer. I’m going to write them a letter. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I Love You, Daytime

Hello Everyone,

You’re great and all but today I’m going to give some love to that lovely thing called Daytime. It’s pretty great. Especially it’s good friend, the Morning. We are pretty tight, us three.

I find much joy in the morning and the day in general mostly because I am not a zombie during these times. Unless I procrastinate or am forced to do things that make no progress on all my daily tasks. This includes things like working at Gammage for awesome shows (right now it’s Wicked, hurrah), hanging with my sweetie pie friend, Alysia (aka Doctor Lunchbox), putting hand salve on my winter beaten knuckles, or finding awesome stuff like this:

That’s a pretty rad thing right there. Alysia and I love Double Fine, because they do great things and have great artists (holler if you knows what I mean ;D).

That kind of stuff only happens on lucky days. Today was a lucky day and I got to do that stuff (except work, yay) and be productive. Just look at this post. Isn’t it beautiful.

Toodles for now sweetie,

Sicily Marino

PS I was a naughty girl and skipped class to finish this work today. It was for a good cause, I promise. My Auntie is leaving tomorrow.